Design 1: Submersible Reciprocating Plunger Pump

The submersible reciprocating plunger pump equipment can play its unique advantages in the later production of coalbed methane wells and shale gas wells due to its unique operation mode and wide-range impulse adjustment.

Product Advantages:

1. The adjustment range of the stroke is 0.1-8 times/min;

2. According to the different pump types, the displacement can be from 0.1m3/d to 80m3/d;

3. For high-inclination wells and horizontal wells, completely solve the problem of eccentric wear between the rod and tubing;

4. The operating pump efficiency is over 80%;

5. The system energy saving more than 35%;

6. The ground safety, environmental protection, small area;

7. The pump inspection cycle has reached more than two years;

8. Set data monitoring, remote transmission and control in one, easy to maintain management.


Design 2: Screw Pump

As a kind of positive displacement pump, the screw pump has good adaptability to solid particles and many specifications. It can adjust the rotation speed to achieve the change of displacement within a certain range. It can effectively play its role in the early or middle stage of coalbed methane drainage to achieve the drainage purpose.

Product advantages:

1. Configure special rubber suitable for CBM wells;

2. According to the production situation of coalbed methane wells, with reasonable interference between rotor and rotor, the running torque is small;

3. It can adapt to the production of well fluid medium with certain pulverized coal content;

4. Screw pump specifications from GLB28 to GLB1600, covering 15 specifications, can adapt to different displacement requirements of production.


Design 2: Special Vacuum Pump for Coalbed Methane 

The special vacuum pump for coalbed methane has a simple structure and convenient operation, and no standing valve on the pump barrel to effectively prevent the pulverized coal buried standing valve, and can be applied to the application of the coalbed methane well.

Product Advantages:

1. The pump barrel with no standing valve, the oil port is opened in the middle of the pump barrel to fundamentally solve the problem of the pulverized coal buried standing valve;

2. The pump efficiency is high, the oil enters the pump barrel at high speed, and the rapid flow is generated, so that it is quickly discharged from the travelling valve, and the deposition of pulverized coal in the pump chamber is avoided;

3. Long plunger structure, effectively prevent coal powder from entering the pump barrel, preventing sand stock and sand burying;

4. The structure is reliable, easy to operate, the average detection pump cycle can reach more than two years;

5. According to the situation of oil wells, various types of oil pump can be made.