Forced Gas Lifting Oil Production System
Forced Gas Lifting Oil Production System


High-pressure gas source device generates a high-pressure gas, when forced water discharge is being carried out, high-pressure gas will enter the underground oil production device via gas transmission line. After oil liquid is discharged, high-pressure gas will be emitted via gas transmission line, while this will be circulated to lifting crude oil from underground to a destination on ground.


1.The structure of under-well oil production device is easy, and there are no moving parts, so no sand blocking, airlock or mechanical damages etc. will occur.
2.Gas source upper the well only needs regular maintenance, which adopts intermittent operation, with a long service life.
3.High pressure gas is generated by high-pressure gas source, and enters oil production device via gas transmission line, lifting oil level to ground. After the lifting is completed, the gas is exhausted via gas transmission line to another well or a gas dealing device.
4.The gas transmission line adopts continuous stainless steel hose, so that gas circulates in an enclosed way, without contacting with the outside or gas at well bottom, which is safe, environment-protective and reliable.


System Main Parts

Forced gas lifting oil production outfit mainly includes: High-pressure gas source device, control cabinet, gas transmission line and oil production device.

System Reliability

1.System overall heat resistance could reach up to 350℃.

2.Adopt corrosion-resistant materials, with strong media compatibility

3.Underground repair cycle is above 5 years

4.Oil production device is simple in structure, static seal, without any outflow of oil liquid, nor ground pollution.

5.One-source & multiple-well control: One set of control equipment as well as gas source equipment is shared by multiple wells, which is collective control and management, making best use of high pressure gas source.

Adaptable Mediums

Forced gas lifting oil production system adapts to the lifting of crude oil in deep wells such as straight wells, inclined wells and horizontal wells etc.

Technical Parameters