Submersible Direct Drive PCP Oil Production System
Submersible Direct Drive PCP Oil Production System


The power is delivered by control system to permanent magnet submersible motor via oil-submersible cable and the motor is driven to rotate. After the motor is decelerated by the reducer at a certain reduction ratio, the power is delivered to screw pump and the screw pump is driven to rotate. Then liquids are realized the liquid lifting.


1.No movement parts on the wellhead, sealing type is static seal, ground safety, environmental protection.
2.No movement parts in tubing, no abrasion between rod and tubing, to improve the service life of the tubing.
3.The permanent magnet submersible motor is connected to the screw pump, .
4.Under the environment of water or crude oil, has good adaptabiligy to the fluid, no gas corrosion and no gas lock, and can work efficiently in high viscosity crude oil.
5.Adapt to various well condition to lift the oil.


System Main Parts

The submersible direct drive PCP mainly includes: permanent magnet submersible motor and protector, thrust short circuit, shaft, PCP, control cabinet and cable.

System reliability

1.According to the well condition to design system scheme, the equipment customization mode is implemented.

2. The temperature resistance of the system can reach up to 200 °C.

3.The torsion strength of the reducer can reach up to 1200Nm, which meets the requirements of the screw pump operation.

4.The protector adopts a double capsule single sedimentation cavity structure to effectively isolate the well fluid and balance the internal and external pressure difference.

5.The cable uses downhole special armored cable and can be optimally configured for internal materials according to the well conditions.

6.The screw pump adopts oilfield special rubber and special processing technology to ensure the running torque and volumetric efficiency.

 Technical Parameters