Anti-scale anti-wax anti-corrosion device

The material used in the anti-scale, anti-wax and anti-corrosion device is a special alloy obtained from the US patent. The alloy material is composed of nine metals. When in contact with the fluid, it acts as a special catalytic body, which can make the solid particles in suspension dispersed state, and inhibit the formation of scale, wax and corrosion.     

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Application range:

   Oilfield surface system, oilfield downhole system

   Water treatment system, fuel oil treatment system

  1. Effect Comparison Between Before and After in Oilfield

                                 图片2.png                         图片3.png

                                  Before install the downhole tools:                                                      After install the downhole tools:

                                  Wax formation of tubing for 30 days                                                  Wax formation of tubing for 90 days

2. Effect Comparison Between Before and After in Ground Heating Pipeline

                                 图片4.png                图片5.png

                        Before install: Serious corrosion and scaling on the pipe wall            After install 7 months: No new scale is produced, 

                                                                                                                                                  the scale of the original pipe wall falls off.

3. Effect Comparison Between Before and After in Ground Oil Pipeline

                                  图片6.png                      图片7.png

                                 Before install:                                                                                   Pipeline condition after install 4 months

                                 Black asphalt and colloidal substances in pipelines.