"High-pressure oil pushing technology" is popularized and applied
Source:未知 Writer:威马泵业 Senddate:2020-06-16 17:24
Recently, "high-pressure oil pushing technology" has been promoted and applied in the completion center of the Northwest Oilfield. In the past, after the tubing were blocked by heavy oil, they could only be piled together when they came out of the oil wells, watching them rust, spit out alkali, and corroded. This not only causes a waste of assets, but also causes certain environmental pollution.

The principle of "high-pressure oil pushing technology" is similar to the piston in a syringe. Under the action of higher pressure, it pushes forward to push out the crude oil condensed in the tube. Then, under the action of "high pressure water jet", the inner and outer walls of the tubing are further cleaned. After repairing, pressure testing, flaw detection, third-party quality inspection and other work processes, a batch of clean as new tubing can be put into use at the workover site.