Tuha Oilfield Rodless Pump Lifting Technology Realizes Intelligent Oil Production
Source:未知 Writer:威马泵业 Senddate:2020-05-29 15:32
China National Petroleum News: As of May 27th, the Tuha oilfield rodless pump lifting technology has been applied to 30 wells, the pump efficiency has increased by more than 20%, and the energy consumption is only half of the previous, which has achieved technical requirements for energy saving, efficiency improvement, production increase, intelligence and safety and environmental protection.

Compared with the traditional technology, the biggest advantage of the rodless pump lifting technology is the matching intelligent remote transmission device, which can automatically adjust the parameters according to the dynamic liquid level. After completion, the mobile phone mobile APP can be installed to achieve closed-loop control and digital oil recovery.

In the test, it was found that the rodless pump was lower than the deflection point and was not affected by the deflection of the well, which solved the problem of eccentric wear of the rod pipe of the low-production fluid well and saved oil production costs. This technology is aimed at complex wellbore, remote block wells, and large dogleg wells. It is equipped with electric submersible plunger pumps for oil production, and the pump inspection period is extended to more than 300 days. Shen 8-15 directional wells use rodless pump lifting technology to produce 475 days of normal production, the system efficiency is increased by 20%, and energy saving is 84%.