Weima Held International Women’s Day Forum
Source:未知 Writer:威马泵业 Senddate:2019-11-11 11:05

On the morning of March 8th, the company organized a “Love Family and Love Business” celebration in the multi-function hall to celebrate the 38th International Women's Day symposium. 46 female employees from all fronts of the company and 2 comrades of the provincial high-quality development service team and eight new employees joined the meeting. At the meeting, Professor Cui Ling from the Party School of Laiwu Steel talked about the relationship between family and career in five aspects. Zhang Chunxiao, the provincial high-quality development service team, talked about the feelings about family and career. The company’s female employees, Pu Su, Cai Shuzhen, Zang Shougui, Wang Hualei and Bi Cuijuan made a speech and talked about the experience and understanding of the family and career.

Chairman Ma Baozhong attended the meeting. He affirmed the contribution made by female employees to the company's development. He asked women workers to become both masters of family building and enterprise development, and to become a master of conflicts between family and work. In the new round of development of Ma Xin, new achievements were made.