Pentium Forward, Weima!
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On January 19, 2020, “Pentium Forward, Weima”The theme annual meeting was grandly held in Jinan Laiwu Longyuan Hotel. The comrades of the Jinan Fourth Team of the Shandong Province Private Enterprise High-quality Development Service Team, the relevant responsible comrades of the Jinan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, 2 experts and professors from universities and research institutes, and a total of 350 employees from Weima gathered together to share the feast.The anchor of Peng Wenxin and Lin Ruisong of Shandong Radio News Broadcast hosted the annual meeting.


At the beginning of the meeting, a “Weima 2019” promotional video was broadcast, which summarized and reviewed the achievements of Weima in market development, technological progress, production and supply and management in 2019.


Yue Shuangrong, chief engineer of the Jinan Industry and Information Bureau, said that the global economic situation in 2019 is generally declining, and it is really not easy for Weima to achieve rapid growth in this situation.


Zhou Shengkuo, deputy secretary and editor-in-chief of the Party Committee of Shandong TV Station and captain of the Jinan Fourth Team, a high-quality development service team sent by private enterprises in the province, also delivered a warm speech. He affirmed Weima's achievements in 2019 and pointed out that the country has issued a series of policies to support the private economy. The spring of the private enterprise economy has arrived, and Weima's tomorrow must be more beautiful and brilliant!


Teams and individuals with outstanding performances were awarded at the meeting, and 10 teams including the Marketing Department (domestic), 4 teams from the Shanbei Commercial Office, and 6 teams from the Supply Department were awarded awards for achievement, value creation and struggle teams. 28 employees including Ma Weiqian, 4 employees such as Li Hui, and 11 employees such as Qi Hongwei were awarded individual awards for achievement, value creation and struggle. General Manager Ma Baozhong, Chief Editor Zhou Shengkuo, and Chief Engineer Yue Shuangrong presented awards to the winners and took a group photo.


In warm applause, Mr. Ma awarded flags to 10 commandos. President Ma said that receiving this flag has taken on an important task, and we look forward to next year's victorious colleague, giving everyone a flashing medal and a heavy bonus. President Ma called, all commandos rushed forward, and all Weima workers advanced.

The general manager and 10 commandos solemnly swore: observe the company's discipline, obey the company's arrangements, work hard first, and charge first. Resolutely complete the tough task given by the company, glory for the team flag, and add color to Weima!


Gold medals awarded to 3 experts and professors


Gold medals awarded to 3 experts and professors


The Shandong Provincial Service Team issued condolences to 7 difficult employees of the company


After the award ceremony was over, Shandong Radio and TV Station delivered wonderful programs to the annual meeting. Bao Yin, the host of the TV and film channel, brought the song "Red Flag Fluttering"; Ma Di, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, and the host of the TV agricultural channel, sang " "Velvet flowers"; Xu Yan and Wang Lebin director announcer, provincial recitation artists bring poem recitation "My South and My North"; Xing Zijun, Huang Tao, and Li Ang members of the provincial service team sing "My future is not a dream" ; Shuyun, the anchor of Qilu Channel Singing "I'm waiting for you in spring"; Xiaoqiang, the host of traffic channel singing "Arum love"; Haitang, the host of art channel singing "Give me a kiss"; Xi Rui, the host of public channel singing "Swing together" and so on.

The program of the annual meeting was wonderful, with constant applause and laughter. Interactions such as red envelope rain and lucky audience raffle were interspersed, which constantly set off the climax of the annual meeting.

After presenting the medal to the 15-year-old employee, the host solemnly read the salary increase order to all employees. In 2020, two salary increases will be implemented for the employees who completed the task in the first half and the second half of the year. Pushed the meeting to its climax.


At the end of the annual meeting, all stood up and sang "Singing for the Motherland" together. The whole annual meeting lasted for two hours, until the end everyone was still interested, and hesitated to leave.

The horseshoes are broken and the horns are swallowed. In 2019, we will break through the Helan Mountains. With all our hearts and passion, we will move towards the fixed goals in 2020.

Pentium Forward, Weima!