Weima successfully held the second mountaineering
Source:未知 Writer:威马泵业 Senddate:2019-11-11 10:58


On May 5th, the second mountaineering event of Weima was held in Tai Mountain. There are 10 teams in the competition. The hiking route is from Red Gate to Zhongtianmen. The whole journey is about 4.6 kilometers.

At 9:20, with a command, the mountaineering sports officially began. All the participating teams marched toward Zhongtianmen, crossed the Guandi Temple and passed through Huimaling. The road became steeper and the stairs were getting higher and higher. But the morale of the team is getting higher and higher. At 10:32, the 4th Workshop teams were first arrived; at 10:55, all the teams reached the finish line. During the mountaineering, the employees were highly morale and energetic, attracting the attention of past tourists and constantly cheering for the team.

After fierce competition, the 4th Workshop team, the 1st Workshop team, and the sales team were awarded the top, second and third. At 13:00, the award ceremony was held at Zhongtianmen.